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I’ve been missing my grandpa so badly lately. Can’t believe it’s been four and a half years now

Okay that last Steven Universe episode has given me the vibe that Pearl might have had an unrequited love for Rose. Wasn’t there an implication somewhere of a ship possibly being a spoiler? Pearl practically seems to worship Rose the way she talks about her so it honestly woudn’t surprise me

Just going to quietly add a certain video game to my tumblr savior list. I’m tired of people yelling at me and telling me off when they realize I’m not fond of it. Way to drive off any potential interest I may have had



Walrus Dong

That is all.





On July 17th 2014 my father in law, who is a part time trucker,  was in northern Ohio getting ready to sleep in the bed in the cab of his truck. After laying down in bed he heard some shaking noises in the trailer of his truck. He proceeded to call 911 to alert them and then heard someone jiggling the handle to the cab. Suddenly, a bullet shot through the drivers side window. (We later found out that there was metal in his eyebrow from said bullet.) He jumped out of the passenger door only to be met by 2 other men armed with knives. All together there were four men who proceeded to assault and maim my Father in Law. His injuries included a large gash to the stomach that required glue and 28 stitches, a stab wound to his arm that required 10 stitches, PTSD, and most recently seizures.

They haven’t found the four men who did it and from the forum Topix.com it seems like many recent crimes around there have gone unsolved.

Pretty shitty right? 

Well guess what? That’s not even the worst of it.

Sunday, August 14th, 2014, was FIL and MIL anniversary and the day my fiance had to go back to work until at least Thanksgiving. That morning we were all woken up to pounding on the door and my 16 year old sister in law answered to police claiming they had a warrant for my father in laws arrest. We were, and still are, in shock.

The police are claiming that he faked his entire assault including stabbing himself multiple times. We think it’s because he brought up the fact that no recent crimes had been solved in the town. As a result of my FIL being in jail we are lacking funds. He had been out of work because of his injuries and seizures and my MIL has POTS which makes it extremely difficult to carry on with every day tasks and nearly impossible to hold a job because there is such little understanding. Our land owner who were basically renting to own from is threatening us to kick us out. 


I will make you anything you desire for a donation. 

My beanies are $7 or 3 for $20 

My pot holders are 2 for 10

Skirts are $12 for infants and $20 for adults 

Aprons start at $50 and I’m trying to figure out how to make infant dresses.

Shipping is generally $5.

ANY donations are so appreciated. 

We all have clothes and food etc and if I get hate whatever I don’t care I just need help so bad. We don’t have cable and have the cheapest internet. We’ve sold cars and guns and have a truck that we cant fix yet. We’re just trying to keep a roof over our head so we don’t have to move. Were supposed to be getting a settlement but that could take up to a year for any money to come in from it. 

I am literally begging for help. Even if you can’t at least do me the favor of reblogging.

Also if you know me on FB don’t post this. It cannot be there yet because of our land lord. 

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i’m going to buy some stuff as soon as i can okay. i hope things get better for you guys thats terrible :(

Thank you so much seriously even just a reblog is the greatest gift


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Wait a second…
From Cat Fingers and Steven and the Stevens

"Garnet transforms, but in a different way"


So if anyone’s curious where I’ve disappeared to lately, it’s because I’ve currently lost my soul to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

And my pants

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[Small ficlet inspired by the above song. Listen while reading for full effect.]


Careless. It was just plain careless — but then, I’ll admit I was panicking. Eggman’s going to fire that weapon of his any minute now, and Sonic wouldn’t listen to me long enough to interrupt his fun. I had to do something.

What was that sound? My ears are still ringing a bit; was that my goggles? It’s hard to tell, it hurts so much to move my arm, and the smell of the gunpowder is starting to make me nauseous. I’m so out of breath it’s a struggle to get my hand to my… fore… head…

That… is a lot of blood. I know I got hit, but how many times?? It couldn’t have been that many… I mean, wouldn’t I be in more pain if… if I…

Thinking like that isn’t going to help me. I need to get up and take my vest off so I can staunch all this bleeding… B-But I have to admit, I’m feeling… weaker than I expected I might. Maybe if I just start by lifting my head… … … Oh my goodness, it’s everywhere.

Oh, there’s Sonic. What a relief, he finally finished up with that robot! With his help I’m sure I can—

…There are tears in his eyes. Sonic, why are there tears in your eyes?? You don’t cry easily… I can barely hear you, Sonic. My ears are still ringing and my own panting is drowning you out… You sound far away, like I’m trying to hear you from across a long field.

Oh. Ow. OW. I know it’s necessary to press on wounds to slow them, but that really does make them hurt so much more. Oh well… I’ve endured pain before. Once we get these stabilized, we can get back to… Sonic, wait, what are you doing?? You can let me up now; the pain isn’t bothering me as much anymore. I need to get up if we’re going to get out of here. … We ARE going to get out of here… aren’t we?

I mean… This isn’t going to be where I… …

I can see myself in your eyes. I didn’t know I looked that scared. But then, I didn’t know until right now that I felt this scared, either.

…Oh… It’s only just occurred to me that you can’t hear me. I thought I was talking, but it’s just so hard to breathe right now… All my efforts have just been on breathing, and it’s getting harder and harder. Do I have a punctured lung? …No, that can’t be right… I think I would’ve felt like I was drowning by now if I did…

Actually, all I’m really feeling right now is cold. Maybe it’s… maybe it’s the floor. It’s made of metal, and metal is usually cold…

It looks like you’ve stopped trying to talk to me. I can just barely feel you stroking my bangs… I wish I could I could really feel it. I wish I could hear your voice. It’d… It would be very, very comforting right now. I don’t even care what words you said, if I could just hear you say them. This might… This… is my last chance to hear you, and it’s being wasted by that stupid ringing sound.


There are so many things I wish I could tell you right now, if I had the breath for it. I’ve always been too much of a coward to tell you how much I love you. I was always worried about you picking on me if I went into too much detail, worried that you’d laugh at me or crack a joke, worried like a little kid that you’d go tell on me to all our friends. I used to daydream about telling you how I feel, and imagined your reaction in a perfect world. And now… I’ll…. never know what you might’ve said or done, because I was too damn afraid.

…At least my tears are hot against my eyes… It’s a nice change from the cold, I guess.

Oh… Even trying to hold your hand is a little frightening now. There’s so much blood on your glove… and on my fur…

I can’t believe this is it. This is the day. No matter how many times we’ve done missions like this, I’ve always known it could happen, but I never… prepared for it. Not really, anyway. I just let my job dictate my actions as usual; what was the last thing I said to Tails before we came in here…? I can’t remember… What was the last thing I said to Elias? To my mother? To my father…

Will Daddy even miss me…?

I’m sorry you have to wipe your own tears, Sonic. I want to do it for you, but my arms aren’t quite doing what I want them to right now. I hope my hand on your cheek will do… it took all of my strength just to accomplish tha—

…Thank you. I needed a kiss right now. I still remember our first kiss… I never thought I’d be aware of when we’d have our… last kiss… or that it would taste like blood…

Oh, goodness, I feel so sick. The stink of that gunpowder… It feels like the room is spinning…

…What is… Everything’s starting to go white. Is this it?? Am I… A-Am I……?!

Sonic, please don’t let go. I’m not ready. This can’t be it. Sonic, I’m so scared. I can’t hang on… I… No…


Can I change how my last name is pronounced? I just now realized that my last name in Spanish would mean “read” and as a writer I just had a minor geekout